A multifunctional front pocket with several compartments allows you to pack things with maximum convenience, and a spacious, ventilated back pocket with a special compartment for notebooks (up to 13″) allows you to bring even large equipment with you. Fastening straps on chest and waist allow you to decrease the load on your back and feel comfortable, as well as preventing the shoulder straps from slipping. Outer elastic mesh side pockets provide quick access to water bottles or other things you need to grab quickly. Side strap allows you to fasten things securely, such as the PRO SNORKEL, by laying the lower part of the snorkel in the pocket for bottles. Multifunctional carabiner allows you to easily hang your bag up on hangers. The Lane backpack is equipped with a special pocket for electronic devices, as well as a big, ventilated compartment for up to 2 pairs of shoes.

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